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Has humanity lost its humanity?

Today while walking up the street to do some shopping I came across a group of about 10 or so adults in a circle all holding mobile phones filming while a male and a female exchange blows in the middle of the group.  I was stunned when I saw the male on top of the female delivering repeated blow after blow to the females face.

None of the group were calling the police or an ambulance.  All stood quiet while this fight went on and on.  I was outraged.  About 20 meters away I had phoned the police and requested they send the ambulance as well.  By the time I was at the group,  the female was unconscious but still being punched to the face.

As soon as the brave male saw my shadow and then body from his peripheral vision he was off the woman,  stood and fled for his freedom.  To my astonishment someone in the crowd complained that the male and I did not exchange blows.  No regard for the totally unconscious female.

By the time the police arrived the female had come around to the point she was able to converse and she was recognised by the police officers as a regular victim of domestic violence by her boyfriend.  Yes it was the boyfriend who had bashed her unconscious and then fled.  The ambulance arrived and tom her to hospital.

The next astounding turn off events was most of the crowd who had been filming had started to walk away,  2 said when asked if they’d seen anything said no and did not mention they had filmed the whole event and none other than me was prepared to make a statement about what they had seen.

The boyfriend was not that frightening nor brave. Obviously he’s going to do this again and again while out weak court system fails to deal with domestic violence and also because no one other than I was willing to stand up for his victim.

I bet the footage of the fight was on YouTube within the hour.  I pray it is as the police are looking for it.  What makes someone pull there phone out and film while someone is in dire need of assistance?  Why not ring the police? I bet if it was a member of there family they would be calling the police and they’d be furious with others for filming not assisting.

Why are we so quick to seek fame on YouTube for filming something rather than assisting our fellow human beings?


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Tribute to a mother

My mother Janice (Jan) Ann Hunt passes away on Thursday 10 July 2014.

She will be very sadly missed by my sisters Louise,  Melissa and me.  Mum was a great grandmother to Michael,  Nicholas, Jonathan,  Blake,  Catherine and Rachel.  Mum was also a great grandmother to Marshall.

Mum was born on 17 April 1941 and was 73  when she passed away.  In her life she touched many people. Mum was truly an inspirational person and taught us all many valuable life lessons.

Mum we are praying that you’re in heaven with dad, nan and pop.

Rest easy my beloved mother till we meet again. I will always remember you, love you and our prayers and thoughts shall be with you always.


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