Tribute to a mother

My mother Janice (Jan) Ann Hunt passes away on Thursday 10 July 2014.

She will be very sadly missed by my sisters Louise,  Melissa and me.  Mum was a great grandmother to Michael,  Nicholas, Jonathan,  Blake,  Catherine and Rachel.  Mum was also a great grandmother to Marshall.

Mum was born on 17 April 1941 and was 73  when she passed away.  In her life she touched many people. Mum was truly an inspirational person and taught us all many valuable life lessons.

Mum we are praying that you’re in heaven with dad, nan and pop.

Rest easy my beloved mother till we meet again. I will always remember you, love you and our prayers and thoughts shall be with you always.


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5 thoughts on “Tribute to a mother

  1. WAHCAT, You are not alone. When I lost my mum, I lost a best-friend. If I did not know Jesus, I would not have coped. We will all see each other again in heavenly glory.Thank God. MMK.


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